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Bringing together researchers & corporations for 

R&D collaboration

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The Kambria Global Innovation Fund facilitates collaboration between researchers and companies worldwide. Companies interested in making connections with top universities can access the fund to invest in advanced R&D. Researchers can put antiquated grant-writing behind and easily connect to much-needed capital.

Core Offerings

Innovation Search

Companies can engage Kambria to search for solutions from university research teams that could meet their technological requirements.

Research Funding

Researchers can receive corporate funding for actionable research projects that are progressing technologies toward real-world applications in data science, AI, robotics and additive manufacturing.

The Challenges

For Researchers

Applying for grants is a huge pain point for professors and researchers since lengthy applications take an enormous amount of time, sometimes involving 80+ page proposals. Plus, funding is often limited to a school or a professor’s network because the majority of researchers lack time to cultivate funding from diverse sources.

For Corporations

Today, global success and dominance is associated with being a tech-first, innovative company. However, while many companies have monetary resources, they lack the expertise to build a capable R&D. In fact, the rich industry/academia relationships prevalent in Silicon Valley and other research hubs are extremely difficult for companies to bootstrap and replicate.

The Global Innovation Fund aims to change the antiquated grant application process and make R&D investment cross-border, scalable, and radically more efficient. 

Through the Fund, Kambria will leverage its academic and corporate networks to globally connect researchers looking for funding with companies seeking advanced technology resources.

The Solution

Big Data
Bigdata AI Data Visualization
Bigdata AI Data Visualization

Fund Focus

The Fund provides short-term funding for actionable research projects that are progressing technologies toward real-world applications in the following areas:

3D printing 

& additive printing

Advanced robotics

Data science, data analytics, big data, &

data visualization

Artificial intelligence/
machine learning

Kambira Global Innovation Fund -

Submit your proposal. 

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The Benefits

Why Invest In University-Industry Collaboration?

Increased Commercialization

Industry feedback and support to help take an invention from conception to market

Added Resources

Access to alternative funding sources, special facilities, insight into trends and product development expertise

Career Development

Training and employment opportunities for students

Real-World Impact

Tackle broad societal issues and develop high-impact research projects that address real-world challenges

Financial Rewards

Business opportunities and new intellectual property created from the collaboration generate potential revenue to support more research activities

For Researchers

R&D Acceleration

Access to world-class scientific credentials and expertise, specialized equipment and facilities, valuable IP portfolios, pre-publication access to research, and university’s networks

Increased Commercialization

An opportunity to capture discoveries or know-how that can be converted into products or services of commercial value

Added Human Capital

Access to talent pools for future recruitment

Improved ROI

10x better ROI than running a stand-alone R&D lab yourself, 50x better ROI than starting a new lab

New Intellectual Property

New IP gained through collaborations on the platform

For Corporations

As part of Kambria’s Global Innovation Fund, Lehigh students are developing new features for the OhmniLabs’ robotics platform.

Lehigh University
Lehigh University


Bringing Researchers and Corporations for R&D Collaboration

Kambira Global Innovation Fund -

Submit your proposal. 

Get in touch for more details.

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